Reception stationery

Once you have chosen the theme of your wedding stationery you can continue the same design throughout your reception with tableware that will perfectly match the style of your invitations and can add a sense of sophistication to your celebrations.


If there is a choice of meal at the reception, menu cards may be printed for the guests but you should not feel obliged to provide them and this should be a budget decision as they can be expensive. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, you can also print your own menu cards as an alternative. Your hotel or reception venue may also be able to provide these for you at a lower price and this could be worth investigating.

Place name cards

Place cards can be useful so that guests know where to sit at the reception. You can print your own place cards with free templates from the Confetti Print Centre and co-ordinate them with your stationery to help your guests know where to sit at the wedding party.

Seating plans

In addition to place name cards, an overall seating plan is usually prepared so that guests know the general location of their seats as they enter the dining room.

Bridal favour boxes

The long-standing tradition of giving Bomboniere to celebrate special occasions such as weddings was started centuries ago in Italy. Each traditionally contains top quality sugared almonds (5 being a prime number that cannot be divided, just like the bride and groom) – they symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.

Often used at place settings they make a wonderful way of saying thank you to your guests.
Many stationers/printers offer various styles of bridal favour boxes that can either be personalised or bought in novelty shapes.

Cake boxes and bags

Small boxes with greaseproof inner linings for sending portions of wedding cake to those guests unable to attend are another stationery option. These can be personalised and made to match your overall theme. You can also include compliment cards to dispatch with the cake. Bags can be provided for those guests at the reception who prefer to take their piece of cake home.

Other items

Don’t think that you have come to the end of the list. There are still personalised napkins, napkin rings, coasters, matchbooks and thank you cards to be considered. Then there are the more unusual items such as pre-printed ribbon, balloons and bottle labels.

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