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There is nothing better than music to add dignity and to create the right atmosphere at your wedding. Music sets the mood during your ceremony and sets the pace throughout your evening celebrations. Deciding which music should be played at you wedding and whether it should be played by musicians or by a DJ is one of the more important decisions you need to make when planning your big day. Hit the right notes and your wedding day will be enjoyed and remembered by all.

Playing our featured MIDI files
This article has links to MIDI files that enable you to hear many of our suggested music pieces (only if your computer has a sound card and speakers). Clicking on any MIDI file link should automatically start your media player software, and after a short period of time you should hear the piece of music. If this does not happen and you are presented with a download window, you do not have any media player software installed.

To see if you have a media player installed on your computer that can play MIDI files click here to play a short MIDI file. If you hear music, you have media player software installed!If you wish to download Microsoft’s latest Media Player software (for any version of Windows and Mac using Internet Explorer version 3 or above, or any other browser) click here.

This article also has links to Windows WAV files, which should automatically be played upon download by your media player. Be warned, our WAV files are large (431kb each) but they allow you to hear our suggested music similar in quality to the original recording.

Our top 10 wedding music tips
Arranging your wedding music should be high priority once you have your date and venues confirmed. Popular musicians, bands and DJs can be booked up to a year or more ahead.

Try to hear your musicians or DJ before you book. Many bands and DJs will have a demo tape that they can send you. Alternatively, ask them for details of when they will be performing next so you can arrange to see and hear them in action.

Always get the approval for your choice of music for your ceremony from your church minister (or superintendent registrar if you are getting married at a Newly Licensed Venue in England or Wales).

Let your reception venue know what type of entertainment you will be having, since some venues only allow live music.

If you are having both a live band and a DJ, make sure there is sufficient room at your venue for both to set up and perform. Also find out what sort of lighting and effect, if any, will be supplied by your band and DJ in case you need to make additional arrangements for space and power supplies.

Let your band know well in advance of your first dance and of any special requests you have in case they need to practice. For DJs, let them know both the title and artist’s name so they bring the right version with them.

Talk to your musicians and/or DJ well beforehand and let them know what you have in mind for your wedding and what you expect from them. After all, it’s your party!

Make sure you get in writing the duration your musicians or band will play for, the number and duration of any breaks and the cost of over-running.

Always confirm your booking in writing and get a receipt for your deposit.

Give your musicians or DJ directions and a map showing your venue. You don’t want them arriving late or at the wrong place!
Hymns for your service
Please refer to our article Hymns For Your Service for a comprehensive guide to choosing hymns for your wedding service, which includes the words of over 40 of the most popular hymns.

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